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Count your steps and record your weight

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Pacer, also known as Pacer, is an app that helps you keep a log of the number of steps you walk every day, as well as the number of calories you burn throughout the day. This app works just fine whether you keep your Android in your pocket, in your purse or in your hand. It's also compatible with both MyFitnessPal and Fitbit.

Some of the top features that Pacer provides is the option to create groups and special events. Those groups let you log your steps together with family and friends to work for a common goal, burning calories together and cheering each other on. The events you can set up, on the other hand, are to help you mark your goals and get motivated to enjoy the fruits of your labor

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Pacer is a great app that'll help you along your weight loss journey by keeping close watch over all the exercise you do every day. Plus you can track your weight, BMI and much more.

Reviewed by Andrés López Translated by Uptodown Localization Team

Requirements (Latest version)

  • Android 5.0 or higher required

Information about Pacer p11.7.2

Package Name cc.pacer.androidapp
License Free
Op. System Android
Category Fitness
Language English
72 more
Author Pacer Works
Downloads 129,110
Date Jul 15, 2024
Content Rating +3
Advertisement Not specified
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Older versions

apk p11.7.1 Android + 5.0 Jul 8, 2024
apk p11.7.1 Android + 5.0 Jul 5, 2024
apk p11.5.1 Android + 5.0 Jun 30, 2024
apk p11.5.1 Android + 5.0 May 31, 2024
apk p11.5.1 Android + 5.0 May 10, 2024
apk p11.4.2 Android + 5.0 Apr 28, 2024

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4 reviews


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in 2019

can you convert steps to feet or miles?

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in 2019

What is the data and clinical content of this app in its primary focus?


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